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The T.E.A.M. Adventure Program at Adventure Landing is a calculated combination of fun team oriented activities, to motivate any group. Based on your input, our event facilitators recommend activities to produce amazing results amongst your team. Our Team Bonding™ activities can make up your entire Adventure Landing ™ experience or just be a part of it. The T.E.A.M. Adventure Program helps promote team spirit while increasing creativity and challenge. More importantly, your group enjoys an amusement park environment where the main ingredient is FUN.

The Challenge:
The T.E.A.M. Adventure Program™ consists of a variety of structured fun activities based upon the goals and needs of your players. We understand the importance of having fun and promoting a team environment - outside of the office. We will custom tailor your Team Bonding™ journey to include any of the following activities:

Ice Breakers:

  • Competitive Miniature Golf Tournaments
  • Exciting Arcade Experiences
  • Interactive Fun & Wacky Games

The Goals:

  • To increase individual confidence
  • To promote teamwork
  • To promote a sense of belonging
  • To develop relationships
  • To have fun!


Competitive Miniature Golf is a great equalizer - a game enjoyed by all skill levels. This "All American" game is an exciting way to let your spirit go wild. Even if you don't know a thing about golf, these Team Bonding™ activities will motivate your group to work together. The golf challenges encourage goal setting, managing change, resolving conflict, and developing peak performance from individual team members. Below are two of our most popular activities. All tournaments are designed to promote teamwork in an outdoor fun-filled environment.

The "Wacky One Arm Tournament"
This tournament requires all guests to play 18 holes of golf - with only one exception; they can only putt with one arm! The lowest score wins. Team scores comprised of the average of all players on the team.

The "Hidden Surprise Tournament"
This tournament requires the teams to play 18 holes of golf during which they will find three holes with a hidden surprise on them - a very different way to play that particular hole: one their knees; blindfolded; with a child size putter. The lowest team score wins. Team scores comprised of the average of all players on the team.

"Blindfold Golf"
Teams compete against each other without the use of sight! Other team members must direct distance, angle and velocity to the player without touching them to sink the putt for their team!


"Skee-ball Contest"
This tournament is fast and has the highest capacity. Guests play one game of Skeeball under normal conditions and the highest score wins.

"Super Shot Basketball Tournament"
Each player receives 60 seconds to score as many points as possible on our Super Shot Basketball game. The top score wins!

"Arcade Racer"
Team members race against each other on one of our racing video games. Each person will compete against other members of their team to determine each teams champion racer. Those champions will then compete against each other in sudden elimination to determine the "best of the best" champion.


"Scavenger Hunt"
Just like when you were a kid! Your group is divided into teams and then bands together for a scavenger hunt throughout a unique amusement park adventure. This fun-filled scavenger hunt is won by retrieving the most treasures!!


Make this a FUN experience. Your group will walk away from the day with a better feeling and understanding of their co-workers. At Adventure Landing, we are all about fun and we want you to enjoy yourselves. In addition, we want you to learn how important it is to work as a team and how appropriate strategizing and communicating can be to success.

Leave your egos behind. Come up with an event guide for your team. This may or may not be the same person for every event! Come up with fun names for your team (or live with the names we give you). The more it relates to your team, the better. They will live on in your organization for some time to come - we guarantee it!

A large part of what makes our Team Adventure Program™ different, are our facilitators. We proudly call them our cast members - dynamic and motivating, they know how to motivate your entire team - and keep them involved and having fun. The end result is a better understanding of each other - producing a more committed and happy workforce.

PACKAGE #1 The Fantastic Voyage
Choose three teambuilding activities $18.99pp + tax

PACKAGE #2 The Out-Of-This World Expedition
Choose five teambuilding activities $22.99 + tax

A $50.00 Service Fee, per 25 guests, will also be added to each event.

Teambuilding Packages are available Monday through Friday, during normal operating daytime hours only. Evening, Weekend and Exclusive packages are available on a "custom" basis, and may incur additional fees. Please consult your Event Manager for further details.