JACKSONVILLE, FL – May 4th, 2016 – Adventure Landing in Jacksonville Beach is gearing up for the busy summer months as well as an upcoming event called the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson on June 24th with a round of new local hires!

Each year, Adventure Landing hires extra help for the summer, but this year they’ve hired 150 new lifeguards, which comes at the perfect time, as May is National Safety Month! Adventure Landing has also hired an additional 60 people for food, retail, admissions and dry attractions.

Adventure Landing staff isn’t comprised of one small age group, typically these new summer hires are anywhere from 16 years of age to college aged individuals.

Training for all of these new positions is thorough and the process depends on each individual department. “Every department requires new employees to ‘shadow’ veterans before working on their own” Jacksonville Beach Adventure Landing Manager Dawn Wade says. Additionally, the lifeguard hires go through in-service training where they go through the basics of being an attraction guard. Most of the Adventure Landing lifeguards are also Red Cross Certified, which is a rigorous training and certification program. Adventure Landing pays to certify their employees to ensure a safe atmosphere for both guests AND staff.

Lifeguard training is important, and is especially important this year, as Jacksonville Beach’s Adventure Landing is hosting the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson Event set to take place on June 24th!

The Worlds Largest Swimming Lesson is an event that builds awareness about the vital importance of teaching children to swim to help prevent drowning.

According to the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson website, “Since its inception, more than 155,000 children and adults have participated in WLSL lessons generating more than half a BILLION life saving, learn-to-swim media impressions. Yet, drowning remains a leading cause of death for children ages 1-4. Drowning can and should be prevented and Team WLSL has the power to make that happen.”

This year, both the newly hired and veteran employees of Adventure Landing are prepared to make not only the Worlds Largest Swimming Lesson event a safe AND fun event, but they are also ready to make sure the rest of the summer months are as well.